Green, Brown and Blue Roofing

Increasingly popular, green roofs reduce the environmental impact of buildings.

Green roofs are eco-friendly, improve air quality, visually attractive, lightweight and cost effective.

When a new building is constructed, it takes away an area of the green landscape – constructing a green roof helps to replace this and to offset the carbon footprint of the construction process.

We can install intensive or extensive systems, and can include a full after-sales programme if requested to ensure the installation is nurtured and maintained thereafter.

We have installed Living (Brown) roofs for the true eco-friendly solution. The waterproofing is covered with soil and reclaimed material to produce an environment for the natural growth of organisms in the location.

To complement our long and established waterproofing expertise, we work with horticultural consultants and supply partners to provide an integrated green roof solution.

We work with our supply partners to design and install blue roofs. Water attenuation measures control the flow rate of water leaving the roofs to protect against localised flooding.